Phish Halloween Festival Update

Over the past few days, has begun blacking out states on the map to narrow down the possible location of their Halloween festival. As you can see below, 9 states have been blacked-out so far – I’m not going to attempt to name the states as Geographay never was my forte, but you can see that California remains. I’m holding steady with my claim that the festival will take place at the Coachella festival site of Empire Fields in Indio, CA.


While you wait for this mystery to unravel, enjoy this video of Phish peforming ‘Born Under Punches’ from their 1996 halloween musical costume of The Talking Heads classic album Remain In Light:

Also, check out tons more Phish Halloween vids here!


  1. Mickey Said:

    Bring it back to Atlanta! Please!

    • Deb Schober Said:

      North Carolina!

  2. Deb Schober Said:

    nope – make that Virginia!

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