Old School Texas Mule

Time to get dirty with some old school Mule from Texas in the fall of 1996. Back in the day, Mule was a power trio not to be messed with, Warren leading the band and raging like he had something to prove. This hit-packed show includes early renditions of Mule favorites like ‘Blindman in the Dark’, ‘Mule’, ‘Rocking Horse’, and ‘Gameface’. Solid show from cover to cover, try it on for size and see what you think.

Old School Mule

Old School Mule

Gov’t Mule ~ 9/22/96 ~ Caravan of Dreams ~ Fort Worth, TX

Grinnin’ In Your Face > Mule > Rocking Horse > Temporary Saint, Don’t Step On The Grass Sam, Birth Of The Mule, Thelonius Beck > Game Face, She Said, She Said, Gambler’s Roll, Kind Of Bird, Pygmy Twylyte > Blind Man In The Dark > Drums > Blind Man In The Dark, Presence Of The Lord, Just Got Paid > Who Do You Love? > Just Got Paid

Encore: Goin’ Out West > Gonna Send You Back To Georgia


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  1. Pearl Said:

    Warren looks so young! O the days of youth

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