Phish at Shoreline, 8/05/09

Phish layed down another eclectic set last night featuring some tasty covers including the first 3.0 bust-out of ‘Oh Sweet Nuthin’ (Velvet Underground) and one of the only 3.0 ‘Cities’ (Talking Heads) and ‘Bold as Love’ (Hendrix) renditions taboot. The first set alternated between short rocking numbers like ‘Golgi’, ‘Chalkdust’, ‘Ya mar’ and ‘Suzy’ with longer and more complex tunes like ‘Divided Sky’, ‘Time Turns Elastic’, and ‘David Bowie’. Keeping true to form, the 2nd set really took off further into the jamosphere with explorations into ‘DWD’, ‘Maze’, and a dark Mike’s>Simple>Groove to close out the set. All in all, quite an evening in Cali, next stop: 2 nights at the beautiful Gorge amphitheater.

Phish ~08/5/09 ~ Shoreline Amphitheater ~Mountain View, CA



Set One
Golgi Apparatus
Halley’s Comet
Chalk Dust Torture
The Divided Sky
When the Circus Comes
Time Turns Elastic
Ya Mar
Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan
Suzy Greenberg
David Bowie



Set Two
Backwards Down the Number Line
Down With Disease >
Limb By Limb
Oh Sweet Nothin’
Cities >
Mike’s Song >
Weekapaug Groove

Let Me Lie
Bold As Love

Set 1 Download

Set 2 Download

Shoreline From Above

Shoreline From Above

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